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Immune Boom™

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Immune Boom™ is a proprietary herbal formulation offering some of the most effective, strongest, lymphatic boosting, draining and cleansing herbs for a stronger immune system.

The lymphatic system consists of series of lymph nodes, little lymph gland modules strategically placed throughout the body. They're found in the neck, chest, armpits and groin area. These lymph nodes connect to the arteries. The blood stream enters the nodes and a barrage of processes occur. This is your body's immune system, the major frontline defense where White T-Cells and B-Cells battle and destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Immune Boom™, lymphatic booster-cleanser stimulates immune functions and is a powerful immune trigger. It is highly beneficial for anyone who experiences swollen, soar lymph glands and or experiences fatigue, low vitality and frequently recurring infections such as colds.

Immune Boom™ contains:
Cleavers (Galium aparine), with alternative and diuretic actions is perhaps the most effective immune booster of all herbs. Useful for any swollen glands and for skin conditions such as psoriasis.

Astragalus Root (Astragalus membranaceus) is a powerful imune booster having an unusual ability to stimulate certain immune functions. Research shows benefits for heart problems, bladder and common colds. It helps heal bronchitis and pneumonia. In one study such as conducted at the University of Texas Medical Center in Houston, Astragalus was able to restore immune function in 90% of patients studied. Atragalus has been approved by Health Canada as used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to tonify lungs and for frequent colds. (PRC 1998; Bensky and Gamble 1986)

Poke Root (Phytolacca americana) is useful for upper respiratory tract infections, removing catarrh and cleansing the lymphatic glands. Poke root hit the headlines in 1998 when the official journal of the American Society for Microbiology, published a study about a promising new drug that eradicates HIV infection (AIDS) in mice. Poke root is a potent trigger for the immune system. In one case it was reported that a festering infection that lasted for 1½ years disappeared after just one does of Poke Root.

Note: NPN 80050241. Immune Boom™ holds an NPN license number, issued and approved by Health Canada. Obtaining an NPN license is a very difficult, complex process. Immune Boom™ was proven to be a top quality manufactured product, proven for purity, proven to be effective and proven to be safe for use.

Available in Capsules or Liquid Extract.
Used quite often in combination with
ECG Chaga tea

Comments from a Immune Boom™ users.

Immune Boom™ Testimonial
This product is amazing. Myself and my children ages 5 and 3 take this product on a regular basis. The children don't like the taste on its on but mixed with a little apple juice a shot a day keeps them free of colds, flus, and all the other garbage passed around at school. I myself am free of all of that as well. We take Immune Boom™ two weeks on and two weeks off. In the event a cold catches us, taking Immune Boom™ twice a day, the cold only last a maximum of two to three days....and the symptoms are tolerable.

Thanks ECG Naturals, you have made an incredible product, I give a bottle to everyone I know. I think I may be your biggest promoter!!

Sherri Harrison
Whitby Ontario

My name is Dan. I'm a 39 year old single parent raising two kids who loves the outdoors.. I've dealt with Psoriasis my entire life. Throughout the years I've tried various creams, bathing liquids and prescribed pills to deal with my condition. The last drug I was on had very dangerous side effects. My Doctor wanted me to have my liver and kidneys checked every two weeks. I thought about it and decided I was better off with the Psoriasis and quit taking them.

Finally I turned to natural health products. Knowing from my Doctor that my Psoriasis was an immune disorder, I learned of ECG Naturals' Immune Boom™. In about one and a half weeks, my search for results was over, my skin finally cleared. Immune Boom™ is a great product that works! I feel a lot better in general too.

Thank You ECG Naturals
Daniel Cox
Courtice Ontario

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