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Chaga contains one of the highest Antioxidant values found on Earth.

Chaga is classified as a mushroom found mostly growing on various species of Birch trees. These cold climate trees withstand some of the toughest growing condition where temperatures can fluctuate dramatically. These trees produce extremely high antioxidant and SOD levels in order to grow in the harsh North country. Chaga grows on tree wounds and covers the wound to protect it from other damaging infestations. Chaga absorbs these rich nutrients, about 215 of them and may be regarded as one of the worlds top sources of minerals and vitamins. Effects from the tea can be felt immediately as an increase in power, stamina, energy and mental clarity can occur.

Chaga was kept as a secret in Russia, especially for their athletes who always seemed to set world records in weight lifting. Chaga contains Plant Sterols which are considered to be natural steroids. Some of those drinking Chaga tea have found that their muscle tone improved. In one case, an American named Fred Hatfield, a weight lifter became ill. The Russians gave him some Chaga. Soon after he became well, he then broke the world record for the squat. When they realized this, they stopped sending Fred the Chaga. The Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) is claimed to have beneficial properties for human health, such as anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities. High in Beta Glucan and Triterpenes and Melanin, skin and hair can take on a much more youthful and healthier appearance. The Chinese call Chaga “ King of All Herbs” and “Gift from God.” .

Chaga contains one of the highest antioxidant levels of any plant found on earth. It is off the charts on the ORAC scale. ORAC stand for Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity. Chaga is one of the most powerful antioxidants ever discovered. There are only a handful at best of natural substances found on God's green Earth that contain that kind of power. Chaga absorbs the Birch tree's power and transfers this power to humans who consume it. Chaga is a strong Adaptagen, which means that heavy stress levels are handled with more calm, ease and mental clarity. In Japan, Chaga is called, and appropriately so, the "Diamond of the Forest"

From Health Canada’s web site:
Oxygen radicals are everywhere because we live in an atmosphere that contains oxygen. Oxidation stress, therefore, is unavoidable - it is a consequence of living. There is an increasing body of evidence that oxidative stress is linked to many diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, neurological disorders (ex. Parkinson's disease), cataracts, and arthritis. One of our strongest defences is to eat foods containing natural antioxidants. The FDA has also stated that a person should up their levels of antioxidants to over 7000 ORAC value per day to help prevent cell damage, anti-aging, cancer and other diseases.

Chaga also contains very high levels of SOD which stands for Superoxide Dismutase, an enzyme that greatly protects against serious oxide damage. SOD levels deplete with age and low levels of SOD are believed to be behind various cellular breakdowns and aging, allowing diseases to set in. Monkeys have about half the SOD levels of Humans and live about half as long. Sea turtles have about 4 or 5 times the SOD levels of Humans and live for 200 or more years. Some Siberians who consume Chaga high in SOD, are living up to 100 years of age while the Intuits who endure the same climate, who do not have access to Chaga have an average live span of about 55. This enzyme halts tissue damage and is clearly associated with long life. SOD is 3,500 times more potent then Vitamin C at reducing oxide radicals.

Chaga has been used for 1000s of years. Earliest known use dates back 4,700 years to one of the first well documented Chinese Herbalist "Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing". Known as the Divine Farmer, Shen Nong wrote one of the earliest medical herbal dictionary known which contains the Chaga mushroom. The Chaga mushroom has been used to treat various cancers in Russia and most of Baltic countries for many centuries. When the Iceman was discovered, his pouched contained Chaga that scientist believe he carried for medicinal purposes in that it contained an antibiotic to fight off illness.

There is nothing else like it on Earth. Take the Chaga challenge.

ORAC value foods as per 100gr
Chaga - Canadian 240,000
Acai Berry 42,000
Coca Raw 26,000
Gogi Berry 25,000
Dark Chocolate 13,000
Garlic Cloves 5,700
Raisins 2,800
Blueberries 2,400
Spinach Raw 1,250
Chaga Tea Pot ECG Chaga is sold as a tea which offers the best bio-availability. The powder itself is difficult to digest but steeping in hot water releases it’s goodness. It’s best to get a 4 -5 cup tea pot with a center screen. You can use the same Chaga several times, just add a new scoop of Chaga on top each time a pot of Chaga tea is made.

Chaga tea tastes great. You might notice a faint floral taste. Add honey if desired. Tiny Chaga particles that make it through the screen are great to drink. Some people add Chaga tea to their coffee or other drinks. You can drink Chaga tea with or without meals. In fact, the sterols, beta glucans, lipids, saponins, triterpenes are better absorbed when taken together with some fats, whether vegetable or animal.

Great with milk, yogourt, cheese, meats, taste great with a spoon full of coconut oil. Make a pot of Chaga tea and drink some throughout the day. Each bottle of ECG Chaga comes with a measuring scoop which will make approx. 30 pots of tea, enough for a month's supply if you drink a whole pot of tea a day. Great hot of cold.

Chaga is rare. Quantities are limited

Dr Cass Ingram's Book Want to know more about the power of Chaga Mushroom? A must read. Get yourself a copy of Dr. Cass Ingram's book " The Cure is in the Forest ". This book contains detailed information on Chaga with reference to many world wide studies. Trees are the most powerful of all plants. They are also the longest lived. Find out more about the most powerful cures of the forest, especially the wild Chaga Mushroom. A lot of the information above was found in this book.

Dr.Cass Ingram is considered an expert on Chaga. Author of over twenty books. A popular media personality, he has appeared on over 5,000 radio and TV interviews teaching the public and professionals about the power of natural medicines.

In the book on page 128, Dr Ingram states: " Moreover, despite the Russian use, recent studies demonstrate that Canadian source Chaga is even more potent than the Siberian type."
Dr Cass Ingram

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