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As an important component of phospholipids, Inositol can assist in regulating cellular response for healthy bodily functions.

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Inositol has been classified as a member of the vitamin B complex, often referred to as vitamin B8, and is present in all animal tissues, with the highest levels in the heart and brain. It is part of the membranes (outer coverings) of all cells, and plays a role in helping the liver process and export fats as well as contributing to the function of muscles and nerves. Inositol is required for proper formation of cell membranes, effects nerve transmission and helps transport fats within the body. Inositol helps to maintain proper electrical energy and nutrient transfer across the cell membranes.

Product Quality

ECG Naturals' Inositol is manufactured with GMP in accordance with the outlines made by Health Canada, and is licensed under Health Canada's NNHPD. ECG Inositol is derived from a natural source and is 99%+ pure. The gelatin capsules used in ECG Inositol is derived from a 100% beef source.


Serotonin and acetylcholine, two neurotransmitters, both depend upon inositol, and supplementation can therefore assist in the reduction of depression and panic attacks. In one study conducted in Beersheva Israel, the study showed that patients who were being treated for bipolar depression with Lithium were found to have up to an 80% reduction in normal Inositol levels. (Biological psychiatry: 1993, vol 34, n 12, pp. 839-852)

Bi-Polar Disorder

In 1995 a double-blind, controlled study of inositol treatment for depression, conducted by at the RH Belmaker Yehuda Abarbanel Mental Health Center, Bat Yam, Israel, the study showed improvements in bipolar depression. (Published in Am J Psychiatry 1995; 152:792-794, J Levine, Y Barak, et al)

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