Nu Bones™ - Now with 100 capsules!

Helps to develop and maintain bones and teeth.

NPN 80054567 | (Capsules - 100 x 700mg)

Nu Bones™ main ingredients, Collagen Type I and Microcystalline Hydroxyapatite offer supplementation for both sides of the bone building equation. Only Nu Bones™ proprietary formulation offers a naturally sourced Collagen Type I along with minerals Calcium and Phosphorus, plus 40+ Bone Minerals and Amino Acids in direct proportion to those found in your own bones. Nu Bones™ formula helps to develop and maintain bones and teeth. Nu Bones™ formulation also contains Magnesium Citrate and Vitamin D both essential for the digestion and transmittance of calcium to your bones.

Product Quality

ECG Naturals' Nu Bones™ is manufactured with GMP in accordance with the outlines made by Health Canada, and is licensed under Health Canada's NNHPD. Nu Bones™ Collagen Type I and MCHA is derived from a natural source. The gelatin capsules used in ECG Nu Bones™ are derived from a 100% beef source.

Bone building & maintenance

Nu Bones™ contains Collagen Type I which is the most abundant Collagen protein found in the body. It makes up 90% of bone mass. It is found in bones, tendons, connective tissue, muscle, hair, skin, teeth and nails. Collagen Type I is the organic connective protein, the glue that strengthens our bodies. Collagen Type 1 also burns fat, builds lean muscle and thickens hair and nails. Now made with marine collagen! (Fish)

Nu Bones™ also contains Microcystalline Hydroxyapatite known as MCHA. MCHA is mostly calcium and phosphorus. Our MCHA is extracted from BSE free, grass fed, free range cattle bones found in Australia and New Zealand. MCHA also contains about 40 different bones minerals and amino acids in their exact proportions as found in our bones. MCHA provides various amounts of bone matrix components making it a comprehensive bone support supplement.

Osteoporosis is a disease condition that results in low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue. 25 million Americans and 2 million Canadians suffer this disease. Osteoporosis leads to increased bone fragility with the risk of fracture particularly in the hip, spine and wrist. In a double blind clinical study of Osteoporosis, patients were given MCHA, Calcium Gluconate and a placebo. Results from bone density tests showed that the Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite group had a gain of 6.1% bone mass, the Calcium Gluconate group had only a 1.5% gain in bone mass and the placebo group had a -5.5% loss in bone mass (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 36: 426-430, 1982)

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