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Nu Bones testimonials
Nu Bones Testimonials

Rib Bone
I had cancer and received really bad radiation burn on a rib bone. I was in pain for 2 years, 24/7. They (Doctors) couldn't give me anything that helped. Pain pills, they tried freezin, nothing helped. My Nephew rooted around the Health Stores in Toronto, they got nothin here. He came across Nu Bones, called me up, told me about it. I figured if it worked for them other bone diseases, I would give it a try. And it worked beautiful. The cancer Doctor there that does radiation, when I told him about it, he wrote it down in my files because he wanted it down because he said "as you know there is nothin we could do about it and this sometimes happens"

I'm gonna tell ya and your going to find this strange. About the 4th day taking Nu Bones, there felt like there was a little woman in there knittin. It felt like there was something in there knittin the bone, that's what it felt like. Gees, that's weird! I'd almost say there's someone in there knittin a pair of socks. And the pain the next day was gone. But if I pressed on it it was still sore. Then after taking Nu Bones for a while longer the soreness was gone and I could press my hand on the rib without any more pain. If you know anyone like this, I don't mind at all if you pass the word out, I don't mind one bit my friend.
Robert Holland
New Watersford
Nova Scotia

Lower Back, Osteoporosis
I was in a lot of pain after an eight hour shift at GM. I saw a physiotherapist who told me a lower back disk was compressed, thick on one side and thin on the other. My Doctor also told me, I had Osteoporosis. Usually when I walked out after a shift, I felt very stiff and was sore all the way on my drive home. Iíve been talking Nu Joint and Nu Bones for about a month now. Iím not 100% yet but there is definitely a significant change and Iím not in as much pain on the way home anymore. Iíve also been sleeping a lot better. Iíve tried some things from the Health Food Store but never got results. I was surprised because I never expected results this fast. My hands stopped hurting too.
Marg House

Upper & Lower Spine, Hands Elbows and Hips
About a year and a half ago, I was given a very bad diagnosis of Osteoarthritis in my body. The Arthritis was in the top and bottom of my spine as well as in my hands, elbows and hips. I was constantly in pain. I couldnít even do my housework tasks without suffering. My body was getting weaker and weaker because of my lack of movement. Movement just caused too much pain. I was crying in pain most days. All my joy was gone. I couldnít even go for a walk with my husband. It was too painful. I thought my life was over. I started taking Nu Joint and in four days I thought I felt better, I thought it was too good to be true but in two weeks I knew I had results. I was calling friends and telling them how well I felt. I was taking 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening. I did that for 12 months. I became totally pain free everywhere. After a while I was able to cut down to 1 capsule per day. I stared taking Nu Bones three months ago. Nu Bones seems to be the missing link to my full recovery because it has built back up my strength and durability. I feel itís added a new dimension to my joints and bones. I take 1 capsule 3 times a day. Today Iím very happy. Iím totally pain free and donít recall feeling this strong before. Iíll be 51 in May and now I bicycle, walk, play basketball, badminton etc.. I have lots of energy. Iím getting all my work done, all pain free. I have my Life back.
Dale Shurepa
ECG Naturals
Oshawa Ont.

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